E-coupon detail
First-time download e-coupon Birthday Gift E-coupon
Available for use in store
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ReturnDiscountWording(ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.DiscountTypeDef, ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.DiscountPercent, ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.DiscountPrice) }}
Checkout over {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.ECouponUsingMinPrice | currency }} to qualify
Purchase and Use
Redeem before {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.EndDateTime | date }}
Usable Period {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.UsingEndDateTime | date }}
All coupons have been claimed
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.Name }}
Redeemable period
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.StartDateTime | date: 'medium' }} - {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.EndDateTime | date: 'medium' }}
Usable period
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.UsingStartDateTime | date: 'medium' }} - {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.UsingEndDateTime | date: 'medium' }}
Discount limit
Checkout over {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.ECouponUsingMinPrice | currency }} to qualify
Purchase and Use
Maximum discount amount {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ReturnMaxDiscountLimit(ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.DiscountTypeDef, ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.ECouponMaxDiscountLimit) }}
Usable range
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ReturnUsingString(ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.IsOnline, ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.IsOffline) }}
E-coupon code
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.Code }}
Promotion Description
{{ ECouponDetailCtrl.ECouponDetail.Description }}
Important Notice
Eligibility: for first time app download during promotion period
One use per account.
E-coupon has limited time and quantity.
terms of use
one use per store per purchase
After coupon use price must be greater than {{ ECouponDetailCtrl.UsingMinPrice | currency}}.
If during checkout item is marked as not applicable for e-coupon, coupon cannot be used.
E-coupon can only be used once and is not exchangeable, after use coupon cannot be recovered.
If the order that used coupon is cancelled or returned, the coupon will automatically expire and will not be returned.
Coupons cannot be used or recovered after the expiration date.
E-coupon cannot be used to discount shipping price.